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The 3 Privateers!  A hilarious pirate comedy troupe that is available for just about any event.

Here is your Captain Jack provider in the Florida area!  If you need a Captain in the southeast US, contact Really Good Eggs...and let them know that JackSparrowLive.com sent ye!

Sparrow Party

If you live on the East Coast, and you're looking for an amazaing Captain Jack for your event, then you MUST check out Sparrow Party.

John is a great pirate who travels to quite a number of events and has a great blog.
He also has a nice selection of pictures (including some of the Captain!).


The official message board for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.  Great stuff here!

Eagle, Wisconsin Novelty Entertainment
Directory at Decidio.com



"THE HILLYWOOD SHOW", starring Hillary Hindi will shock and amaze you as her imitations of quirky celebrities like Johnny Depp are dead-on. Her incredible costumes & make-up, coupled with her original & cleverly written ideas for sketches, will make for a production that would impress even the most seasoned "Saturday Night Live" cast member!
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The Bilgemunky is a great place to see reviews on all things pirate.  Make sure you tell the Munky you were came from Jack Sparrow Live!, the only Captain Jack that the Munky likes!

The Resurrection Pirates at Yahoo! Groups.  The Captain belongs to this group, and strongly suggests you join it too...savvy?

POTC Costuming Group
Great Pirates group with costuming tips, tricks and resources.  Must be a Yahoo! member to join the group.

 Jack Sparrow Live on Gig Salad

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